Chakra Crystals

There are seven major chakras that bring in energy to the body allowing it to function in harmony.

Each crystal corresponds to a certain chakra and enables them to remain in balance.


We specialise in crystals that are sourced especially for their quality and healing benefits and offer them to you at an affordable price.

Crystal Healing

Crystals can help with a wide variety of issues; including stress, anxiety and depression.

Support and Advice

Clare is avaliable to give advice via phone, email, or through social media. She is happy to talk with you to help you to discover the advantages of crystals and how they can aid you. 

t. 07483 901380 



We offer several holistic products for sale as well as a wide range of gifts; varying from good quality Himalayan salt Lamps, to Crystal Gem Trees, along with Nag Champa incense and essential oils. Plus, lots more.

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We only handle the highest quality crystals with each piece being chosen for not only for its’ appearance but also for its’ energetic properties. Each crystal is hand picked with you in mind.