Crystal Healing in Aberdeen

We now offer a variety of healing therapies 

These treatments range from Aura cleansing and Healing to Full Chakra treatments and more. Clare also offers Support Therapy. 

We are also offering online therapies see below for details

Your life can be demanding at times.

At Crystal Kalm our faith is in the power of mother nature and the earth’s energy to guide us and bring peace to mind, body and spirit.

For her healing sessions, Clare is now working out of a lovely place on Huntly Street in Aberdeen.

If you would like to discover and understand how this can help you, get in touch with Clare on 07483 901380 or

Online Therapies


Crystal One-to-One Workshop


Online or over the phone advice on what crystals will currently aid you. Including how to cleanse, charge and programme your crystals, with additional printed information which can be sent to you via email or post. Crystals can also be picked and purchased via the session and posted to you.


Support Therapy Online

For those who are suffering from lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, or who simply need to talk a problem through. I am here to listen and help you find a way to move forward and find a solution so that you can achieve your goals and become a more confident person. This can be done via Skype or phone. Crystals can also be recommend for use after the session to aid you further and I can help you pick what crystal you may need and have them posted to you.